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The Mediterranean basin in Egypt includes five northern lakes, they are arranged from west to east (Mariout - Edku - Burullus - Manzala - Bardawil), these lakes have an economic importance in terms of fish production, that amounts more than 75% of total fish production in Egypt. The lakes face a range of challenges, which include diminution of its area and problems resulting from the expansion of agricultural and industrial activities, and fish farms.

It has been agreed between the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries to implement the periodical program of northern lakes monitoring starting from July 2009.

El-Temsah and El-Mora Lakes were then added to the monitoring program followed by Qaron and Wadi El-Rayan lakes, in the years 2010, 2011 respectively.

This program aims at the following:

  • Monitoring of water quality and sediments in lakes.
  • Assessment of the environmental status and current geological state for each lake.
  • The establishment of a comprehensive database of the lakes based on the quality control and quality assurance, which will be relied upon for all these lakes management.

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