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Green Belts

Green Belt Project around Greater Cairo

The Problem

  • Higher pollution rates around Greater Cairo.
  • Weakness of ecosystem capacity in Greater Cairo to perform its basic vital functions required for human health, living organisms and development.
  • The impact of the above on human health and residents of Greater Cairo.
Cypress trees in the green belt

Project Objectives

  • Planting the vacant spaces in the green belt around Ring Road of Greater Cairo for Egypt beautification, develop the common sense of the public.
  • Contributing in environmental protection from pollution by intensifying green spaces around Greater Cairo to mitigate climate change harmful impacts on health and safety of the population.
  • Investing areas around Greater Cairo by planting trees to achieve economic revenue from trees that can be planted.
  • Protecting citizens from Greater Cairo residents from chest infections and allergies and protecting their health.
  • Providing job opportunities for young graduates through the maintenance team, who will supervise the project.
  • Making use of treated wastewater instead of throwing it in the desert.
Planting trees in equal spaces

Implementation Phases

The total area that will be afforested and planted will be 100 kilometers with width of 25 meters on both sides and will be implemented on 4 phases:

  • Phase I: includes 50 km in Cairo governorate and 28 km in Giza Governorate, 22 km in Qaliubiya governorate.
  • Phase II: it includes cross-roads intersected with the ring road, 25 km depth on both sides.
  • Phase III: it includes the establishment of an area of 80 acres in addition to parks and Panorama October forest - Robeiki Forest - the 10th of October Forest - Imbaba Airport - Elsaf Forest - 15th May Forest - Khatatba Forest - 6th of October City Forest - Eltabin forest.
  • Phase IV: it includes new green belts around new cities.
Trees are dust barriers too

65,000 trees were planted in 12 rows including eucalyptus, cypress and Acacia trees, irrigated by drip irrigation with treated sewage water.

Green Belt around Greater Cairo illustration. (Ar) pdf