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The Central Plant Nursery

The Central Plant Nursery was established in Katameya, New Cairo on an area of 11 acres (feddans), in order to development the support of schools, universities, NGOs and new cities with trees, perennials and seedlings.

Currently there is a development process of the plant nursery to increase production capacity in order to expand the afforestation process in all governorates, Fayoum plant nursery was established as a step in a series of Nurseries in all branches.

tree1 tree2 tree3
Wooden greenhouse and plant species First basin in front of the main entrance One of the breeding greenhouses
tree4 tree5 tree6
The green space in the nursery garden The secondary entrance of the nursery The path leading to the garden
tree7 tree8 tree9
Sprinkler irrigation system Greenhouse of interior assortment plants production Bougainvillea greenhouse

Fayoum Plant Nursery

A greenhouse was established equipped with an irrigation network and ventilation fans on an area of 40 square meters. The following flora species were planted in basins outside the greenhouse:

  • Citrus types
  • Olive
  • Flowers
  • Plants cultivated near walls
  • Cypress Lemon
  • Aquino Carbs
  • Indoors plants

This is done with the aim of supporting the surrounding areas (neighborhoods - centers and NGOs), with the cultivated species.

green1 green2
Image from outside and inside the greenhouse Plants breading greenhouse and flowering perennials

Afforestation and Green Spaces

The afforestation projects and increasing the greenery space are important projects that the ministry gives a special attention, more...