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Projects and Reports

Pilot Projects to Achieve the International Obligations of the Convention

The project of integrated management of polychlorinated bi-phenyl PCBs in cooperation with JICA in 2006-2008:

  • There was a focus on preparation of qualified personnel from the relevant departments, regional branches of EEAA, other concerned ministries, relevant agencies and NGOs.
  • An inventory has been conducted for electrical equipments (transformers - capacitors) in Shubra Elkhima district.
  • Database has been developed for "environmental pollutants" in collaboration with DANIDA
  • Report has been prepared on the inventory of equipment contaminated with PCBs oil in Shubra. pdf

Project of sustainable management of persistent organic pollutants "POPs" in collaboration with GEF - WB in 2010 - the first phase:

  • In the first phase there was a focus on the important points recommended by the Japanese Aid Agency at the level of governorates of the republic, where samples were measured by kits.
  • A final report was prepared on the actual situation of POPs in Egypt and it includes the inventory, which was conducted since 2006-2010 in cooperation with a Dutch company (TAUW) and the Centre of Cleaner Production.
  • The second phase of the project starts in 2015 to complete the inventory for areas that have not been inventoried yet, and a safe disposal will be done for intermediate and low concentrations of oil containing PCBs using mobile treatment units for contaminated sites.
  • Safe disposal of obsolete pesticides POPs in Elsaf and Adebia.
  • Increase qualified personnel in the sustainable management of POPs for regional branches of EEAA, concerned ministries, relevant agencies and NGOs.
  • The final report for the inventory at the level of governorates. pdf
  • Final report of sustainable management of POPs project - project preparation studies in Arab Republic of Egypt. pdf

The project of strengthening strategies to reduce unintentional emissions of POPs in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in cooperation with PERSIGA:

Integrated Management of "PCBs" project in cooperation with MEDPOL / UNEP in 2011-2015:

  • Two devices LX2000 have been provided for the analysis of PCBs in oil and water.
  • Collecting 185 tons of electrical transformers containing PCBs contaminated oil with concentrations higher than 5000 ppm.
  • Safe disposal outside the country by a French specialized company, as well as training of team work and the Egyptian companies working in this field, for storage, transport and actions required for Basel Convention to obtain a certificate of Safe disposal to achieve sustainability.
  • Website of the project: web
  • Mission report on inventory of PCBs. pdf

The project of updating National Action Plan on Persistent Organic Pollutants (NIP) in collaboration with the UNEP / GEF:

  • There was an approval of the project of updating the national action plan.
  • Where there will be an inventory of new persistent organic pollutants, namely, (12 industrial pollutants and pesticides).

Global monitoring of persistent organic pollutants POPs, 1st phase GMP1 in collaboration with the GEF & UNEP 2012

  • Monitoring and analysis of persistent organic pollutants POPs in mothers’ milk and air in collaboration with residues laboratory affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture and validation has been sent to laboratory in the Czech Republic.

Global monitoring plan for persistent organic pollutants POPs ,Mont Africa, a project for measuring, monitoring and analysis of persistent organic pollutants POPs in different media collaboration with the GEF & UNEP 2014

  • Monitoring and measuring of persistent organic pollutants POPs surface water , the samples have been collected with cooperation of water quality department and have been analyzed at laboratory in the Czech Republic.

Recommendations on policy and legislation of chemicals management in the framework of the Egyptian-German twinning project on hazardous substances and waste management: