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Environmental Awareness, Training and Capacity Building

  • Given the necessity for capacity building for environmental development employees to improve their performance levels, the administration has participated in the training program "Total Quality Management" in Leadership Development Center for governmental sector - the Central Agency for Organization and Management.

    The most important topics in this program:
    • Definition of the basic concepts of TQM.
    • Improving the quality of governmental sector performance.
    • TQM principles.
    • TQM requirements.
    • Quality improvement tools.
    • Quality application methods.
    • The program summary. (Ar)
  • Environmental degradation is considered a multi-dimensional problem that requires intensified study to address it and to learn how the cost of environmental degradation be calculated , for that reason the general administration of Environmental Development participated in a National Workshop on "the cost of environmental degradation in Egypt" (January 2015) in cooperation with (PERSGA) and EEAA.

    Workshop Lectures:
    • World Bank data on the Egyptian environment and natural resources.
    • An overview of the various environmental assessment methods.
    • The strengths and weaknesses points in the environmental assessment.
    • A general discussion on the challenges of environmental degradation calculation in Egypt.
    • The International funding criteria to reduce environmental degradation. (Dr. Francas Voorhees - Earthmind).
    • Case study from Egypt: evaluating the compensation of damage in coral reefs as a result of Stranding of ship.
    • Environmental degradation (causes and consequences).
    • Case study: the cost of environmental degradation in Alexandria, Egypt. (Prof. Mahmoud Khamis - Faculty of Science - Alexandria University).
    • Regional case studies on evaluating the costs of environmental degradation.
    • Determine the stakeholders in the regional case studies. (A. Luke Forheyz- Earthmind).

    • awareness

    The most important recommendations of the workshop:
    • The necessity to provide a library for references and online training.
    • The need to provide more training on specific topics such as water or air.
    • The importance of preparing studies to calculate the cost of environmental challenges that have a tangible impact, such as the effects of development on marine biodiversity that help stakeholders to assess the cost of environmental degradation and contribute to the decision-making processes.
      The workshop activities were published on the following website: web
  • Public management for Environmental Development also participated in drafting some of the recommendations and reviewing the achievements of the ministry in the field of sustainable water management in the celebration of World Water Day in cooperation with the Egyptian Forum on Sustainable Development
  • For the importance of writing and international periodical reports, Public management for Environmental Development has attended a training course on presentation skills, report writing.
  • Public administration for Environmental Development has participated also in the International Conference on Bio Vision Alexandria (BVA) Sciences Forum to learn about modern technologies in various scientific fields in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Public Health in Alexandria.
  • To overcome the challenges of energy crisis and to find ways for new and renewable energy, Public administration for Environmental Development has participated in a conference European - Egyptian energy Day under the theme "the pioneers of energy efficiency."
  • To prepare a strategic plan and mainstreaming climate change in the EEAA’s activities, some focal points were selected from various departments in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert after intensive training on strategic management.
  • The training was held for 3 days through the Third Forum of Egypt’s future (clean environment for sustainable development) "Sustainable management of hazardous substances," "international conventions of hazardous substances and waste," "integrated management of medical and hazardous waste," "integrated management of hazardous waste", " carbon footprint "," occupational health and safety in the work environment "in cooperation with the National Foundation for organizing conferences.
  • Participation in training course in the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce within the framework of cooperation between the General administration for Environmental Development and the European program for the rehabilitation of energy managers in Egypt.
  • Coordination and implementation for the third Forum Egypt's future entitled "clean environment for sustainable development" where a working paper was presented on "Sustainable development and sustainable management of hazardous substances ," "integrated management of medical waste" in cooperation with the National Foundation for organizing conferences attended by officials of industrial establishments, the relevant ministries and NGOs.
  • Participation in the fourteenth conference entitled "Energy and Environment Conference ... and the prospects for sustainable development" in cooperation with the Environmental Affairs association, ministries, agencies and relevant regional branches and a working paper was presented entitled "Sustainable development and green energy."
  • To learn about the integrated solid waste management strategy the Public administration for Environmental Development has attended a conference entitled (the second Egyptian Forum for solid waste management under the auspices of the national program for solid waste management in Egypt) and it has concluded with some recommendations.