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Environmental Indicators


Environmental Indicators and Reports are considered one of the most important tools that support decision makers in the proper planning with the purpose of identifying priorities of using the available resources and capacities to achieve the targeted objectives. As Environmental Indicators and Reports reflect the environmental status in an accurate way within the framework of implementing the political directives related to the necessity of taking all actions for conserving environment so as to provide the Egyptian citizen with a safe life and a good health for achieving sustainable development which is the optimal objective for all environmental sectors.


In the framework of the international orientations for the importance of environmental topics which are part and parcel of all other life activities and fields and due to the importance of assessing and measuring environmental performance of any country, that reflects the quality of life on all levels, in addition to the high importance of data as the essential reference for decision makers in preparing national plans and strategies, also in faith of Egypt’s commitment with the international treaties and conventions and in the context of achieving transparency and the right of knowledge for all people, The Ministry of Environment made a decision no. 223 for the year 2007 related to the establishment of Environmental Indicators & Reports Unit, which is concerned with preparing and issuing annual reports and environmental state reports based on environmental indicators data. These data are prepared, updated and reviewed according to the latest methodologies used internationally and regionally in addition to cooperation with the different international, regional and local authorities in the field of environmental indicators preparation.

Environmental Data and Indicators Guide

The scope of Work of the Environmental Indicators & Reports Unit includes the following:

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Environmental Indicators and Reports Unit