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Green ICT

What is Green ICT?

Green ICT is what manufacturers, specialists, analysts, and providers call all ICT solutions that save energy. These include hardware, software and services. ICT is playing an important role, whether in business or in individuals’ private lives.


“Green” means environment-friendly. It refers to building a low-carbon society by designing, manufacturing, using and disposing of IT devices with minimal or no impact on the environment. Using IT is a catalyst or facilitator to decrease the impact of other sectors on the environment.

The increase in use of IT devices has led to rise in carbon emissions. Greening our IT products, applications, services and practices is an economic and an environmental imperative, as well as our social responsibility.

This trend seeks to protect the environment from the harmful output of technologies through using the right and safe scientific methods of disposing electronic wastes. It is of the utmost importance to make it a habit to save energy in our everyday lives. Green IT is not a wise response to climate change but also contributes to achieving low-carbon growth.


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