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Professional and Environmental Consulting Licensing Services

Procedures and Forms

Pursuant to Article (13) bis of Law No. 9 of 2009 on the protection of the environment and its Executive regulation "prohibits the non-licensed persons from EEAA to practice the environmental works".

Therefore EEAA opened the door for the application for the environmental accreditation as an environmental specialist or environmental consultant or an environmental consulting office.

This can be done through submitting an application to the Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency accompanied by the available form for that purpose. Application shall be sent to the following address: 30 Misr Helwan Agricultural Rd behind the Sofitel Hotel - Maadi - Cairo - Postal Code 11728 - Environmental Management sector - the Secretariat of the Higher Committee for Registration and accreditation in addition to paying the prescribed fee stipulated in Article 13 bis of Law 9 of 2009, attaching the payment receipt on it.

Required papers to be submitted for Registration and accreditation Committee:

  • Introducing an application to Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency with the required field of registration as an environmental specialist or environmental consultant or environmental consulting office.
  • Filling in form number (1) for the Environmental Specialist, form number (2) for the Environmental consultant, form number (3) for environmental Consultation Office attaching with it the following documents:
    • Copy of graduation certificate.
    • Copies of master's degrees and PHD degrees, if any.
    • Copies of training courses certificates related to the field or fields applied for.
    • A clear precedent years of experience for each field separately attaching evidence for previous experience for each year.
    • Preparing an electronic version (CD) of all papers listed above.
    • The payment of the prescribed fees 100 Egyptian pounds as a fee for presenting the papers to the Supreme Committee for each environmental field.
    • After the approval of the Supreme Committee of Registration and accreditation, a payment of 1000 pounds shall be paid for certificate accreditation for each environmental field.

Required forms for Consultants:

For more information:

Phone: 25256452 extension 7431 - Fax: 25256475