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Egypt State of the Environment Report 2004

(Issued May 2005)

Cover pdf
Contents pdf
Word of H.E. The Minister of State for Environmental Affairs pdf
Introduction pdf
Methodology: Report Objective pdf

Chapter I: Review of Policies and The State of Environment in Egypt

1- Air Quality: pdf
1.a Introduction
1.b Pressures Affecting Air Quality
1.c Ambient Air Quality in Egypt and Monitoring Indicators
1.d Sources of Air Pollutant Emissions in Egypt and The Most Significant Challenges
1.e Air Pollution Abatement Efforts in Egypt
1.f Future Vision
2- Fresh Water: pdf
2.a Introduction
2.b Water Resources and their Use in Egypt
2.c Pressures Placed on Water Resources
2.d Current Status of Egypt Water Quality
2.e Water Resources Major Challenges
2.f Efforts for Meeting Water Environment Challenges
2.g Future Vision
2.h References
3- Seas and Coastal Zones: pdf
3.a Introduction
3.b Pressures and Hazards on Coastal Environment
3.c Challenges
3.d State Efforts in Facing Coastal Zones Problems
3.e Marine Environment Pollution Prevention
3.f Future Vision
3.g References
4- Lands: pdf
4.a Introduction
4.b Pressures on Land Resources
4.c Current Situation of Lands in Egypt
4.d Land Resources Challenges in Egypt
4.e State Efforts in Combating Land Degradation in Egypt
4.f Future Vision
4.g References
5- Afforestation: pdf
5.a Introduction
5.b Objectives of The National Program

5.c Program Implementation Sites
5.d Ongoing Activities and Future Action Plan
5.e Benefits from State Afforestation Planting Efforts
5.f Tree Planting and Green Areas in Egyptian Governorates
5.g Green Belt Project around Greater Cairo (Cairo, Giza and Qalioubeya)
5.h Future Vision
6- Biodiversity: pdf
6.a Introduction
6.b National Policy and Strategy
6.c Present and Future Protected Area Network
6.d Current National Efforts
6.e Future Challenges
6.f Future Vision
7- Climatic Changes and Protection of Ozone Layer: pdf
7.a Introduction
7.b Actors, Pressures and Impacts
7.c Government Efforts to Address Effects of Climatic Changes and Ozone Depletion
7.d Egypt’s Obligations towards the Protection of The Ozone Layer
7.e Future Vision
7.f References

Chapter II: Urban Development and Population Activities

8- Urban Communities Environmental Development: pdf
8.a Introduction
8.b Urban Environment in Egypt and Major Pressures
8.c Challenges Facing Urban Environment and Communities in Egypt
8.d State Efforts for Developing Urban Areas
8.e Environmental Development in Industrial Areas
8.f Future Vision
8.g References
9- Industry: pdf
9.a Introduction
9.b Pressures Caused by The Industrial Sector in Egypt
9.c Industrial Environmental Impacts and Major Challenges
9.d State Efforts in Integrated Industrial Development in Egypt
9.e Industrial Pollution Prevention Project
10- Solid Waste Management (SWM): pdf
10.a Introduction
10.b Pressures on The Municipal Solid Waste Management in Egypt
10.c Solid Wastes in Egypt
10.d Most Significant Challenges Facing Solid Waste Management in Egypt
10.e Efforts of Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in Facing Solid Waste Management Challenges
10.f Future Vision
10.g References
11- Hazardous Substances and Wastes Management: pdf
11.a Introduction
11.b The Most Significant HWM Challenges
11.c State Efforts in Facing HWM Challenges in Egypt
11.d Hazardous Wastes Generation Sources and Major Pressures
11.e State Efforts in Hazardous Wastes Management
11.f Future Vision
12- Health and Population Status: pdf
12.a Introduction
12.b Pressures
12.c Challenges
12.d State Efforts
12.e Future Vision
12.f References

Chapter III: Environmental Management and Policy Analysis

13- Environmental Management and Policy Analysis:
13.a Environmental Information Systems (EIS) pdf
13.b Environmental Crises and Disasters Management pdf
13.c Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) pdf
13.d Environmental Inspection pdf
13.e Institutional Strengthening pdf
13.f Human Resources Development pdf
13.g Bilateral and Multilateral International Cooperation pdf
13.h Environmental Legislations pdf

Chapter IV: Future Steps And Actions

14- Future Vision for Environmental Action in Egypt pdf


1- Priority Pollution Hot Spots in Egypt pdf
2- Estimated Investment for Industrial Pollution Control in Alexandria pdf
3- The Executive Stance of Solid Waste Management Projects and Public Cleaning in Governorates pdf
4- Waste Recycling Plants Established in Governorates to date, and Proposed Sites for Implementing 2002/2003 Plan pdf
5- Agreements pdf
6- Foreign Projects pdf

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