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Support Program

Following is a description of the various support mechanisms that will be implemented and their respective conditions and terms:

Support Program

The EPF provides financial support through different forms of mechanisms according to the Fund's policies and each project needs. 

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

The EPF eligibility criteria - upon which the PAFs are evaluated - are as follows:

  • Project targets one or more of the environmental fields that address the Fund’s environmental priorities as mentioned in the environmental priorities.
  • Applicant's institution is a legally registered local entity.
  • Applicant demonstrates the availability of own-resources to contribute its share of project cost in accordance with financial conditions established for each support mechanism.
  • Applicant’s institution/organization is of sound reputation (approval of Social Affairs for NGOs, and a no objection of the lending bank for loans).
  • Absence of any restrictions such as problems related to the applicant’s current activities or relationship with banks (if applicable).
  • Project ensures sustainability after receiving the loan or the grant.
  • Commitment to disburse the funds on the allocated items.
  • The project data has to include a list of job opportunities which will be provided by the project implementation.

How do we apply for funding?

The Application Form doc and required documents are available at EPF Office in the fifth floor of EEAA Building in Maadi.

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