Governorate Environmental Action Plans (GEAPs) have been developed for Sohag and Dakahleya. Extensive community  consultation and participation helped to build consensus on priority environmental issues and actions. Both Action plans provide a framework for sustainable development and are being implemented with local resources.

Institutional strengthening is essential to sustain GEAP actions and resulted in the development of an Environmental Management and Planning System (EMPS). Capacity building of the EMPS components will help effective implementation.

EMPS Implementation

  • Building capacity of Environment Units at Governorate, Directorate, Markaz and  village level.
  • Improving participatory planing, delivery and sustain ability of environmental services and natural resource management.
  • Increasing environmental awareness and education.
GEAPs will be replicated in the Governorates of Qena and Damietta. The process will establish the environmental baseline and profile for each Govern orate, develop environmental management options and build capacity for local environmental management and planning. Assessing any health and economic effects of environmental degradation will facilitate the identification of priority issues and actions.

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