Civil society actions to improve the environment have been supported by SEAM through the implementation of community projects in village sanitation, solid waste management and environmental education and awareness. So far 14 projects, addressing GEAP priorities have been completed. A further 50 projects are planned across the four Governorates in the same fields plus water supply, natural resource management and agricultural practices.

The capacity of Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and Community Development Associations (CDAs) will be strengthened to articulate the needs of poor communities into viable and sustainable interventions. SEAM support will be directed to deprived areas. Participatory monitoring will be used to assess the impacts of projects on people's livelihoods, levels of cost recovery and economic impacts.

SEAM - Creating a Framework that:
  • Encourages communities to improve their local environment.
  • Identifies a clearer role for NGOs and CDAs in community based environmental services.
  • Attracts additional sources of funds for community improvements.
  • Addresses socially equitable resource allocation for environmental services.
  • Support has been provided to local communities taking environmental actions that address the priority issues of the GEAPs. A total of 14 projects have been undertaken in the following areas:

    • Sanitation - 6 projects in villages, hospitals and schools.
    • NGO capacity building
    • Environmental curriculum for adult literacy classes. Waste collection in 2 villages:
    • Clean-up and beautification in 4 villages,
    • Environmental awareness campaigns.
    Case Studies:


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