The SEAM Project - An Introduction[ PDF: 40.7 Kb | 6 Page ]

The SEAM Demonstration Project “Improving the Sulphur Black Dyeing Process”

Part A PDF: 36.8 Kb | 4 Page ]

1. What is Sulphur Black Dyeing?

2. Sulphur Black Dyeing in Egypt

3. Environmental Problems of Sulphur Black Dyeing

4. Improving the Sulphur Black Dyeing Process

Part B - A Cleaner Production Approach to Sulphur Black Dyeing -
 A Step by Step Guide[ PDF: 80.0 Kb | 9 Page ]

Step by Step Flow Diagram for Sulphur Black Dyeing


Step 1 Formation and Duties of the Factory Team

Step 2 Establish Baseline Conditions

Step 3 Identification of Suitable Substitutes for Sodium Sulphide and Acidified

Step 4 Conduct Laboratory Trials to Develop a Suitable Recipe

Step 5 Conduct Pilot Trials based on Laboratory Results

Step 6 Process Optimisation

Step 7 Establish Costs and Benefits for Full Scale Production

Step 8 Document and Implement Revised Operating Procedures

Part C - The Costs and Benefits of Implementation[ PDF: 57.6 Kb | 7 Page ]

1. Introduction

2. Chemical Substitution and Process Optimisation

3. Fabric Quality and Productivity

4. Marketing the Fabric

5. Environmental Benefits

Part D - Helpful Hints[ PDF 25.8 Kb | 3 Page ]

1. Do’s and Don’ts

2. Considerations for Implementation

Appendices[PDF 81.2 Kb | 12 Page ]

A. Fabric Specifications for each of the Demonstration Project Factories

B. Summary of Results from Pilot Scale Experiments from Each of the Three Factories

C. Process Flow Diagrams of the Conventional and Optimised Processes at the Three Demonstration Factories

D.Cost Analyses of Implementation at El Nasr, Dakahleya and AmirTex Factories