Capital Cost (LE)
Main Equipment 1 x Universal 650 Tractor with loader 37,000
1 x Low loading trailer 13,000
TOTAL 50,000

Operating Cost (LE per month)
Labour 1 x District driver @ LE 50 per month salary top up 50
2 x District collectors @ LE 50 per month salary top up 100
1 x waste collector from Kolongeel CDA @ LE 100 pm 100
1 x fee collector from Kolongeel CDA @ LE 100 100
Sub-Total Labour Costs 350
Fuel and oil   243
Maintenance   95
  TOTAL 688

Fee Income (LE per month)
Fees collected 750 households and shops @ LE 1/month 750
Profit Before Depreciation 62
Depreciation Capital Costs depreciated over 7 years 595
Loss After Depreciation 533

Before depreciation the service runs at a slight profit although the actual labour costs born by the District have not been taken into account. If depreciation of the equipment, that was provided by SEAM, was taken into consideration then the service would lose money. To be able to provide for replacement equipment then a higher monthly fee income will need to be introduced. A survey of residents indicates their willingness to pay more.

Women volunteers involved in awareness raising and project replication


The project was designed to be sustainable in the following ways:

  • Raised awareness among the community on handling solid waste.
  • Commitment by the East Mansoura District to maintaining the cleaned areas.
  • The collection of user fees in Kolongeel for the waste collection service by the CDA will help sustain the scheme.
  • A high satisfaction level of 94% among residents will ensure there is a strong demand for the new service.
  • The commitment of East Mansoura District to support the Kolongeel CDA with the provision of most of the waste workers.
  • It is expected that raising of environmental awareness of Kolongeel CDA will lead to implementation of other environmental initiatives.

Low-loading trailer, tractor and waste
collection crew


  • Mobilisation of local communities for awareness raising and undertaking waste clean ups.
  • Capacity of the Women’s Association to undertake similar project elsewhere has been strengthened.
  • Partnership developed between the East Mansoura District and the communities to improve waste management.
  • Increased satisfaction levels in the Kolongeel community with approval ratings increasing from 8% to 94%, after implementation.
  • 80% of the community are paying a monthly fee, to sustain the waste collection service.
  • Improved environmental conditions with positive effects for public health.

  • Capacity building of Kolongeel CDA.