Sohag Governorate Environmental Action Plan
Community Environmental Projects
Case Study
Improving Environmental Health Issues,
Geheina and Sohag Community Hospitals

Geheina is a rural town with a population of around 45,000 located in Geheina Markaz in the north western part of Sohag Governorate. The Geheina Community Hospital receives around 200-300 out-patients daily and can accommodate 100 in-patients. The Sohag Eye Disease Hospital is a small specialised hospital with 30 in-patients and 50-80 out-patients daily. The hospital is located in Sohag City, which has a population of 180,000.

Both hospitals cater largely for the poorer segments of the community from the city and surrounding villages. 

As part of the Sohag Environmental Action Plan, improving sanitation facilities and raising awareness on sanitation and hygiene practices had been ranked by the community as a high priority. To address this problem and in response to a request from both hospitals, SEAM supported a programme to renovate sanitary facilities and raise community awareness. Alleviating poor sanitation conditions at hospitals providing a community service was also considered a good starting point for educating the community on environmental health issues. Community participation has therefore been an integral
part of the project.


Issues that arose from consultation with hospital and local council staff were:

  • Sanitation facilities in poor condition and prone to leaks and blockages.
  • Limited awareness of environmental and hygiene issues among the community using the hospitals.
  • Disposal of solid waste in sanitary facilities which cause blockages.
  • Poor maintenance with cleaners not being well trained nor adequately supervised.
  • Inadequate segregation of hospital waste.
  • Lack of awareness on the dangers of improper handling and disposal of hospital wast

Cleansing workers also indicated that they were not highly motivated because of people’s constant misuse of bathroom facilities and low salaries. 

At the Sohag Eye Disease Hospital the lack of personal hygiene and incorrect garbage handling by patients, was one of the main causes of eye infections and diseases being treated. Education to prevent infections was therefore considered essential.