Achieving Sustainable Development Through  Effective Integration of  Economic,
Social and Institutional Issues into Environmental Activities
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SEAM Programme

Support for Environmental Assessment and Management  (SEAM) is a major environmental programme implemented by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Entec UK Ltd and ERM with support from the UK Department for International Development.

SEAM I (1994 - 1999) developed Governorate Environmental Action Plans (GEAPs) for Sohag and Dakahleya, built environmental capacity and demonstrated the tangible benefits of improved environmental management.

SEAM II (2000 - 2004) will build on SEAM I successes by improving environmental planning and services for the poor and strengthening decentralized environmental management.

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SEAM Activities
  1. Environmental Action Plans – prepared with wide participation for the Governorates of Sohag and Dakahleya.  To be replicated in Qena and Damietta Governorates. 
  2. Solid Waste Management – waste strategies supported by 14 demonstration projects are being implemented in the four Governorates. 
  3. Cleaner Production – auditing and 50 demonstration projects focusing on low cost measures with short payback periods. 
  4. Community Environmental Projects – 65 community based projects addressing the priorities of the Governorate Environmental Action Plans are being supported.
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment – capacity building through training, implementation of 9 EIAs and the preparation of EIA sector guidelines.

SEAM activities are poverty focused.  Capacity building and working towards sustainable development are integral issues being addressed in all SEAM activities. 

SEAM Awards

European Environment Award for SEAM

Handover of equipment for Governorate EMU
Some of the field equipment for the EMU

SEAM brochure
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