Working Group 6

The procurement of Air Monitoring Station is completed in the 1st year. Furthermore, planning of Display procurement and awareness activities with Display are on going. The procurement of Display will be completed in the 2nd year, and then, awareness activities using Display will be begun.

1st Year Activities (Nov. 2005 - Dec. 2006)

1. Preliminary Public Environmental Awareness Survey

2. Revise of the targets and areas on the Public Awareness Survey

3. The 1st Public Environmental Awareness Survey

4. Implementation of the Design Sheet to enhance participation from other components,        and to design the  plan based on other component’s opinion

The kick-off meeting for WG6 was held on 15th Jan. 06 to have an opinion exchange on equipment for monitoring station.

Kick-off Meeting

At the 2nd WG6 meeting on 24th Jan, 06, members discussed on parameters to be monitored at the station.

Second Meeting

The 3rd WG6 meeting on 29th Jan, 06 discussed on how to use the display and how to display messages.

Third Meeting

At the 4th WG6 on 15th Jun, 06, some examples on display in Japan and US were introduced.

Fourth Meeting

Fifth Meeting

The WG6 members visited Mohandeseen to refer existing display, and had an interview with its owner. They also visited Tahrir Square to examine the four candidate sites for display installation by considering the stream of cars and people as well as sunshine.

2nd Year Activities Planned in 2007

1. Procurement and installation of Display

2. Implementation awareness activity using Display

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