Working Group 2

Although the underling causes of oil pollution is still under investigation, oil spills caused by accidents with passing oil tankers and pipelines, and oily wastewater discharged from oil refineries and petro-chemical industries located in coastal area would be the possible major causes. Under this circumstance, EEAA plays the key role to protect marine and marine ecosystem from oil spills and other pollution accidents at the sea.


For this purpose, the activities for WG2 aims that staff in EEAA concerned oil pollution management becomes capable of formulating and proposing countermeasures against oil pollution based on the collected and interpreted data and information. The super goal will be achieved by the actual task for implementing and supervising a series of activities for oil pollution programs.


To identify the sources of spilled oils for strictly enforcing legislative actions in accordance with the polluters-pay-principle is indispensable for proposing countermeasures. It requests the concept of the identification system of spilled oil sources (ISOS). Since scientific approaches with analytical skills are necessary for ISOS, various technical trainings are also included in WG2. The super goal for WG2 will be achieved through the following activities;

1)   To collect data and information by baseline data survey, and to interpret collected data and information

2)   To prepare inventory of oil pollution sources, and to discuss the data

3)   To have skills of fingerprint analysis and interpretation technique

4)   To measure and compile oil fingerprint data

5) To examine countermeasures against oil pollution issues, and to evaluate their effects.


 Implementing on-Job-Training for proposing countermeasures plan for reducing oil pollution  risk in Suez RBO

 Implementing On-The-Job training dealing with all fingerprint analysis.



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