In the last first year of the REMIP, six Working Groups (WGs) and two Coordination Committees (CCs) composing of related departments and units in EEAA and RBOs, have been formulated to realize a smooth implementation of the REMIP according to the respective technical topics.  The series of meetings for WGs/CCs and several technical trainings/seminars have been so far held under REMIP as well as procurement of equipment.  Those activities will subsequently continued in the further stage of the REMIP.



 “The staff of EQS and EQD of RBOs becomes capable of proposing countermeasures against environmental pollutions (site-evaluation, technical administrative measures) based on the data and information collected and interpreted”.

Over all goal:

EEAA and Regional Branch Offices (RBOs) together with other competent stakeholders become capable of evaluating environmental situations, identifying the problems, defining the causes of such problems, acknowledging possible solutions, and implementing countermeasures through raising the environmental awareness of EMUs, enterprises, NGOs, and citizens .


EEAA and its RBOs are enhanced on the capability of managing environmental data and information, suggesting countermeasures through On-the-Job Training (OJT).


Greater Cairo, Tanta, Mansoura, Alexandria, Suez,  Assuit and Red Sea RBOs.


Related Organizations:

Related Ministries               : Min. of Electricity, Min. of Transportation, Min. of Industry.

Local Authorities                : Cairo gov., Kayloubia gov., Giza gov., Garbia gov., Assuit gov.,

                                        Shubra al-Khaymah district, and etc.

Research Institutes              : Cairo University, National Research Center, EPRI, etc.    

Private Sector                        : Petro-related companies, and etc.







This homepage is produced by the JICA Expert Team to keep stakeholders informed about the news and progress.  The views in this newsletter are those of the Expert Team and must not be taken to reflect the views of the Japanese Government, or Ministry of State of Environmental Affairs.

Implementation Scheme of REMIP

Outline of Plan of Operation

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