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It located in the northern part of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea from the north, between Libya from the west, Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea from the east and in the northern part of Sudan from the south.

The total area of Egypt is 1,001,450 sq km.
Arable Land: 2.87%
Permanent crops: 0.48%
Other: 96.65%

The Climate: hot, humid in the summer, cool and rainy in the winter.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, Natural Gas, Iron, Phosphates, Manganese, Limestone, Talc, Lead and Zinc.

Egypt is administratively divided into 26 governorates and Cairo, the Capital city, is one of them.
The chief of state is the President Mohamed Hosni Mubarek and the current head of the government is the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

The National Holidays:
Revolution Day, 23 July.
The Day of Armed Forces, 6 October.
The Day of Sinai Liberation, 25 April.
The Labor Day, 1st May.
The beginning of Higri (Lunar year), 1 Moharam.
The Birth of Prophet Mohamed (Lunar year), 12 Rabie El Awal.
The Coptic Christmas, 7th of January
El Fatre Feast (Lunar year), 1st of Shawal.
El Adhaa Feast (Lunar year), 11 Zo El Hega.

According to the recent census made in July 2004, the population of Egypt is 76,117,421; the growth rate is 1.83% and the total fertility rate is 2.95 children/woman.

Religions: 94 % of the population is Muslims and the rest are Coptic Christians.

The official language is the Arabic, English and French widely understood among educated people.

Currency is Egyptian Pound (EGP).

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