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Supporting the Nature Conservation Sector:

1- Brochure about Wadi Digla protectorate produced.
2- Posters about Wadi Digla protectorate produced.
3- A booklet about Wadi Digla nature protectorate produced.
4- Booklet about protectorates in Egypt is being produced.
5- Proposal on raising the awareness in the Maadi Petrified Forest developed.
6- Training program for school prepared.
7- EEAA supported in the opening of Saint Catherine protectorate Visitors' Center.
8- Participated in Durban Conference in South Africa, and cooperated with the Nature Conservation department on educational programs.
9- Media coverage for the International Conference of Nature protection in Sharm El Sheik city implemented.

ESP Network:

1- Network for the ESP established.
2- 2 Server for the ESP Information Portal purchased.
3- A Website for the ESP Programme developed.
4- Designs for the ESP website submitted.
5- CEM products/reports/formats submitted to the responsible about the website.
6- Slogans about the ESP objectives developed.


1- A Workshop on EEAA Communication Needs held.
2- Proposal for Communication Strategy for EEAA produced.
3- A Workshop on EEAA Communication Strategy held.
4- Children Environmental Communication and Education Strategy.
5- Communication Strategy third workshop prepared and implemented.

Cooperation with Media:

1- 26 series of Radio program in four thematic fields produced.
2- TV program (Good Morning Egypt) produced.
3- A Journalist trips to Wadi El Rayan nature protectorates prepared and implemented.
4- A Journalist trips to Wadi El Rayan nature protectorates prepared and implemented.
5- A journalist trips to Sarabuim Forest prepared and implemented.
6- A journalist trips to Wadi El Rayan prepared and implemented.
7- Journalist trip to El Porolos protectorate, Kafr El Sheik governorate prepared and implemented.
8- Journalist trips to Wadi El Rayan nature protectorate prepared and implemented.
9- Journalist trips to Sarabuim forest prepared and implemented.
10- Journalist Environmental Trip to China on "Usage of Agriculture Waste and Air Quality" prepared and implemented.
11- Journalist trip to Ashtoom El Gamil protectorate prepared and implemented.

Support EEAA:

1- A flyer about using the by pass product produced.
2- Printed materials on new plantations in Egypt produced.
3- An environmental camp for the Mangrove Plantation.
4- EEEAA was supported in carrying out NEPAD, African Ministers of Environment; visit the woody forests and Getrova Plantation in Luxor city.
5- Media coverage for the conference "10 years after issuing law 1994" in Aswan city implemented.
6- EEAA was supported on the production of its Annual Report.
7- EEAA is being supported in the reprint of 15 awareness publications.
8- EEAA was supported in buying a book about the Nile River.
9- CEM supported EEAA in the small industries exhibition.
10- Developing a survey to identify the EEAA communication needs to be included in the CEM AWP for 2005.
11- A training course on communication skills for CDECA staff members has been conducted.
12- Making Mobile Exhibition Unit for EEAA.
13- Reprint the Environmental law booklet.
14- Reprint the Dealing with Hazardous Wastes booklets.
15- Producing the Egypt Environmental Profile Report.

Support ESP:

1- Project Idea Format developed and distributed on ESP Components.
2- Concept file on how to prepare a study tour developed Denmark study tour.
3- Concept file on how to prepare a study tour developed Thailand and Vietnam study tour.
4- Concept file on how to write official papers developed.
5- Supporting SPA component in producing their guidelines
6- Supporting EIMP in publishing the EIMP data.
7- Support given to the ESP Information Portal.
8- Supporting the ESP PSU in updating the PSU brochure.
9- Support given for the ESP web page designing and editing.

Public Awareness Activities:

1- Environmental Posters, Postcards, Stickers, papers and envelopes developed.
2- A brochure about the Cinema and Environment produced.
3- An environmental trip for Helwan University students to South Sinai Protectorates implemented.
4- EEAA was supported in carrying out an environmental seminar in the International Children Cinema Festival.
5- EEAA was supported in the International Travel Exhibition.
6- Developing Mobile Exhibition Unit for EEAA.
7- A proposal for developing a TV awareness program prepared.

Student Awareness Activities:

1- EEAA was supported in carrying out an environmental contest and exhibition for children at Mubarak Library.
2- EEAA was supported in carrying out environmental activities at El Shaimaa high school.
3- Two schools environmental activities in poor districts in Maadi, Cairo supported.
4- Six student trips to the Nature Protectorates prepared and implemented.
5- Producing an Environmental Guidelines in cooperation with Helwan University.
6- 4 student trips to the Nature Protectorates prepared and implemented.

NGOs Activities:

1- Proposal about arranging NGOs training and communication activities in Aswan governorate developed.
2- NGO activities in Heliopolis, Cairo supported.
3- Meeting with NGO in Beni Suef on future cooperation implemented.
4- Meeting with NGO, TV station in Aswan for future cooperation implemented.
5- NGO activities in Alexandria supported during the celebration of Nile River Festival implemented.
6- APE, the Association for Protecting the Environment, activities supported.
7- Initial meeting with NGO Unit in EEAA implemented to help in organizing the National Conference for NGOs.
8- Proposal about arranging NGOs training and communication activities in Beni Suef Governorate is being implemented.
9- Training workshops for the NGOs in Beni Suef governorate had been conducted.
10- Training workshop for the NGOs in Aswan governorate had been conducted.
11- Making a training workshop about the solid wastes management.




L.E. 22 million for Achieving the Environmental Compliance of the Egyptian enterprises
HEIGHT=50 align=right vspace=2 hspace=2> In its last meeting on June 21, 2006 the Executive Committee of Achieving Compliance in Industry (ACI) agreed to implement Cleaner Production (CP) Projects in SME's at the value of L.E. 22 million. ACI is a component of the Danida funded Environmental Sector Program (ESP), anchored in Federation of Egyptian Industries. The projects will be implemented in 11 factories from different governorates operating in several industrial sectors: 2 from the engineering sector, 3 from the textile sector, 3 from the chemical sector, and 3 from the food sector. Cleaner production projects comprised applications for energy efficiency improvement in 5 factories working in the engineering, chemical, and food sectors. These projects aim at adjusting the status of factories with environmental rules and regulations, which in turn results in improving the quality of products and increasing their competitiveness, both in the local market and internationally. Moreover, such projects shall have an impact on saving in energy consumption, improving the work environment, and protecting workers within the work environment. The efforts exerted by the Environmental compliance office towards raising the standards of the Egyptian industries and dealing with factories nationwide rather than being just concentrated in the greater Cairo area alone, were lauded by those present.

National Bank of Egypt Offers Complete Support for Cleaner Production Projects
HEIGHT=50 align=right vspace=2 hspace=2> The executive steps for loaning processes used in funding environmental projects were discussed by Dr.Sherif El Gabali, Chairman of the Steering Committee, with ECO management during its monthly meeting. in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt, soft loans are offered for purchasing equipment and machines used in cleaner production applications. The total amount of single loan can reach up to L.E 3 million, payable on annual installments over a period ranging between one to five yeas, including a one-year grace period, and at an interest rate of 2.5% per year. Up till now several industrial enterprises have enjoyed this service of soft loans for the adjustment with environmental laws and legislations. The loans already disbursed have reached L.E 32 million, utilized by 30 enterprises. It is planned that alone during 2005 loans at the value of L.E. 17 million will be disbursed. These loans are part of fund allocated by The Kingdom of Denmark, at the value of DKK 96 million, and which comes to highlight the activities of Danida under a protocol of cooperation signed and activated between The Government of Egypt and The Kingdom of Denmark. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Federation of Egyptian Industries on one side, and the National Bank of Egypt on the other, to outline the management and disbursement of the loans.

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