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Close to 900 enterprise representatives have participated in ECO seminars and training courses.

ECO co-ordinators have performed screening visits to 275 enterprises for quick assessment of the environmental situation and management understanding of CP.

Pre-assessments have been done in 95 enterprises (pre-assessment is a 3-5 day process, done by a local consultant with the purpose to identify and describe environmental problems and CP options. The activity is reported in a short report to ECO and the enterprises)

Full environmental assessment and CP implementation is ongoing in 60 enterprises (includes implementation of a simple environmental management system, Good Housekeeping, training as well as feasibility studies for most obvious CP options)

In the whole cheese industry of Egypt, the valuable by-product whey is discarded and is a serious polluting factor for the recipients of waste water. ECO has initiated a full survey of the whey generation and the potential usage of the whey. Hopefully, the publication of the report at a seminar in January will have the result that local investors will take the opportunity to develop the business of utilising the whey.

Investment support
ECO has LE 69 mill. to be given as support to CP-investments in industry. The support will be given as soft loans.

Small projects less than 100.000 LE

(13 small projects have received support until now)
Factory Project
Engineering plant Filtration unit for wastewater
Engineering plant Usage of natural gas instead of solar
4 Textile plant Usage of natural gas instead of mazot
Textile plant Recovery of steam condensate
6 Cheese factory Upgrading production facilities (modern cheese vats, boilers etc)

Large projects between 100.000 LE and 3.000.000 LE

(4 Large projects have received support until now)
Factory Project
Foundry Substitution of cupola furnace with induction furnace, establishment of sand reclamation.
Cheese plant Renewal of outdated packing system for soft white cheese.
Textile plant New dyeing machines and new boiler for natural gas.
Textile plant Shift from mazot to natural gas and installation of colormatch equipment.




L.E. 22 million for Achieving the Environmental Compliance of the Egyptian enterprises
HEIGHT=50 align=right vspace=2 hspace=2> In its last meeting on June 21, 2006 the Executive Committee of Achieving Compliance in Industry (ACI) agreed to implement Cleaner Production (CP) Projects in SME's at the value of L.E. 22 million. ACI is a component of the Danida funded Environmental Sector Program (ESP), anchored in Federation of Egyptian Industries. The projects will be implemented in 11 factories from different governorates operating in several industrial sectors: 2 from the engineering sector, 3 from the textile sector, 3 from the chemical sector, and 3 from the food sector. Cleaner production projects comprised applications for energy efficiency improvement in 5 factories working in the engineering, chemical, and food sectors. These projects aim at adjusting the status of factories with environmental rules and regulations, which in turn results in improving the quality of products and increasing their competitiveness, both in the local market and internationally. Moreover, such projects shall have an impact on saving in energy consumption, improving the work environment, and protecting workers within the work environment. The efforts exerted by the Environmental compliance office towards raising the standards of the Egyptian industries and dealing with factories nationwide rather than being just concentrated in the greater Cairo area alone, were lauded by those present.

National Bank of Egypt Offers Complete Support for Cleaner Production Projects
HEIGHT=50 align=right vspace=2 hspace=2> The executive steps for loaning processes used in funding environmental projects were discussed by Dr.Sherif El Gabali, Chairman of the Steering Committee, with ECO management during its monthly meeting. in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt, soft loans are offered for purchasing equipment and machines used in cleaner production applications. The total amount of single loan can reach up to L.E 3 million, payable on annual installments over a period ranging between one to five yeas, including a one-year grace period, and at an interest rate of 2.5% per year. Up till now several industrial enterprises have enjoyed this service of soft loans for the adjustment with environmental laws and legislations. The loans already disbursed have reached L.E 32 million, utilized by 30 enterprises. It is planned that alone during 2005 loans at the value of L.E. 17 million will be disbursed. These loans are part of fund allocated by The Kingdom of Denmark, at the value of DKK 96 million, and which comes to highlight the activities of Danida under a protocol of cooperation signed and activated between The Government of Egypt and The Kingdom of Denmark. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Federation of Egyptian Industries on one side, and the National Bank of Egypt on the other, to outline the management and disbursement of the loans.

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