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POA in Egypt - Pipeline

1. Installation of efficient lightening systems in streets all over the country

This program is a national energy efficient program over Egypt to be coordinated and developed by North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company. Over the program implementation period (2 years) the non-efficient, non-environmentally friendly mercury lamps and higher wattage sodium lamps in streets will be replaced by compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and lower wattage, efficient high pressure sodium lamps (HPS). In addition to the environmental benefit of reducing 75000tCO2e/year, the program will save 150 million KWh/year over the estimated technology lifetime (3 years for compact Fluorescent lamps and 6 years for lower wattage, efficient high pressure sodium lamps).

2. Scrapping and Replacement program of Two-stroke Motor cycle in Egypt    [Link to project PIN ]

The program aims to get rid of licensed two-stroke motorcycle of Egypt by replacing it with Hybrid motorcycles and provide economic incentives to owners to carry out the replacement. The Pilot phase contains 1000 motorcycles which are expected to reduce emission by 14,400 tCO2eq/year.

3. Implementation of small stations to generate electricity from agricultural waste

Cooperation between an Egyptian company and another Danish one to implement the first station which produces electrical energy from Rice straw. The project is expected to produce about 1.25 MW/unit with emission reduction of 5,000tCO2eq/unit.

4. Modernization of Charcoal production program in Egypt    [Link to project PIN ]

1. Reduction in soil contamination and water pollution.
2. Improving air quality in the vicinity of the production are by reducing the emissions of CO2.
3. Improving the public health by prohibiting the emissions of CO which is considered as one of the most local pollutants danger.
4. Increasing the quality of the produced charcoal making it eligible for exporting.
5. Partially, solving the problem of black-cloud.

CO2 Reduction:
540,000 tones / year
Valued at Million € 2.16/ year (4€/CER)

- Project: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
- Government: All Governorates (Hotspots: Qalubeia, Behira, Damietta)
- Private Sector: NA

5. Solar Water Heaters (SWHs)

1. Reduction in the excessive electricity consumption
2. Saving huge amounts of money spent by the government in support of electricity
3. Conservation in the natural resources of fuel(s) used for electricity generation.
4. Reducing the risks and hazards associated with dealing with LPG cylinders which is considered one the most important sources for obtaining hot water in the majority of Egyptian residences.

CO2 Reduction:
1.5 tone Co2 /Heater (60 litre) / year
Valued at € 6 /year /heater

- Project: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Ministry of Housing (MoH)
- Government: All Governorates
- Private Sector: NA

6. Energy Efficiency in Water Pumping Stations (Ministry of Irrigation)

1. Improvement in the energy performance of the pumping stations.
2. Reducing the amount of maintenance required.
3. Reduction in Carbon Dioxide emission and thus contributing towards the mitigation of global warming.
4. The filtration of the exhaust will improve the air quality inside the work environment.
5. Reduction in use of electricity from the grid, reducing the fossil fuel amount used to produce such electricity, thus reduce subsidies used for such fossil fuel.
6. The project will provide access to overseas capital through the sale of CER.
7. Training and education of pumping stations operators will create awareness of the efficient use of electricity and proper energy management’s positive effect on the environment.
8. The project supports the overall financial performance by reducing the unit cost of supplying water.

CO2 Reduction:
Average 174,423.8 t CO2/year
Average 697,692 CER/year

- Project: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources
- Government: All Governorates

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