Institutional Support

The institutional support component is designed to enable EEAA to manage, interpretation and use the data produced by the monitoring institutions.The major activities within the institutional support component are the provision of hardware and software capacity, training of staff in data management, quality assurance, and environmental interpretation, and how to use the new information in the preparation of documents on environmental issues.

The Institutional Support component hans over the Information Technology management under the program, computer networking, system administration databases design and communication between the head office and the Monitoring institutes.

Computer Network

The system was based on Local Area Network LAN using Windows NT Server and several clients use Windows 98 Now, We already upgraded our LAN to use windows 2000 server and Windows 2000 professional for all clients.

Database Systems

Mainly two database systems serve as a container for the coastal water monitoring program, CWMDB, and the air quality monitoring program, AirQmon, in which, the Air and Coastal water data are collected by the Monitoring Institutes then analyzed and sent to EIMP head office at EEAA building.

Internet / Intranet

EIMP has established his web site as in EEAA Now, The new Web site is registered and updated regularly in EEAA-IC.

Communication Systems

EIMP has established an Extranet between the head office in Cairo and the monitoring institutes that are collecting data. As a start, dial-up communication system has been installed to collect/ transfer data to/from EIMP and the monitoring institutes.