About The EIMP

The Environmental Information and Monitoring Program (EIMP) aims at establishing national environmental monitoring program for ambient air and coastal waters.

A reference laboratory is established to assist contracted national monitoring institutions in the development of quality assurance systems. An important output from the program will be environmental quality data and database systems which will form an integral part of EEAA's Environmental Information Center. The program, which started in January 1996, was originally a five-year program with a total budget of US$ 14.9 million.

A DANIDA Review mission visiting the EIMP in October 1997 recommended that the program was extended with 3 years and that the DANIDA grant was increased with 2.1 million USD thus bringing the total EIMP budget to US$ 17 million.

           The website is for a completed project and published for archiving purposes.
           If you need relevant updated information, please visit www.eeaa.gov.eg

          For further information, please contact:
          Ministry of Environment
          Environmental Quality Sector (E.Q.S)
          Air Quality Department
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