Project Organization

EEAA is the executing agency for the programme. EEAA also provides local contribution of both funds, counterpart and support staff, and facilities. 

DANIDA provided the foreign contribution to establish the program activities and has contracted a team of international consultants, led by COWI Consulting Engineers and Planners AS, Denmark to assist EEAA in the implementation of the programme. COWI has subcontracted the Danish Water Quality Institute (VKI) and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU ). Input from expatriate consultants has been gradually phased out and EEAA is taking over project management responsibility since july 2000. The programme is directed by a Steering Committee with representatives from EEAA and DANIDA. Ad hoc working groups of relevant technical specialists are formed within each EIMP component.

The EEAA has contracted specialised Egyptian institutions for sampling, measurements and laboratory analyses. Reference laboratories are contracted to conduct proficiency tests and inter-calibra-tions, and to train the monitoring institutions' staff in quality assurance and quality control work.

The contracted monitoring institutions are:

         1.      Coastal water monitoring:

         National Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries, Alexandria (NIOF),

           and Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR, Alexandria).

  1. Air monitoring:

    Environmental Hazards and Mitigation Center (EMHC) at Cairo University, and Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR), Alexandria.

  1. Reference laboratories:

        Air; National Institute for Standardization (NIS), Cairo

        Water; Ain Shams University, Cairo.