Air Quality Introduction

The EIMP Air pollution-monitoring program has been established under the Environmental Quality Sector-Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency in order to have a view of the present environment and to undertake the monitoring of ambient air by establishing a modern national air quality network. Data are collected using automatic on-line monitors and variety of sampling equipment.A total of 42 sites covering all over Egypt have been selected through several site visits and studies. An additional of 10 to 20 sites are being used for simplified passive sampling of SO2 and NO2.The results of the measurements undertaken during the planning of the EIMP program have been evaluated and considered for the use in the program. The measurement network, instruments and data transfer has been established since 1998. The installations were finalized during 1999.

The design of the EIMP Air Quality Monitoring network includes:

  •  Data collectors, sensors and monitors.
  •  Data transfer systems and data quality assurance/control procedures.
  •  Databases.
  •  Data distribution systems.

The Center of Environmental Hazard Mitigation (CEHM) at Cairo University and the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR) at Alexandria University are operating on behalf of EEAA, the air quality-monitoring network.

 Sites and Indicators.

 The main air pollution problem in Egypt.

 Sources of air pollution.

 Egyptian Air Quality Limit values.

 Air quality at historical monuments.

 Air quality reports.