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Visits to the Project

Visit of the SDC delegation to EHSIMS Mr. Andri Bisaz - Ms. Elithabeth Diethelm - Mr. Bruno Stockli on 2/7/2001. A demo was presented to show the actual use of EHSIMS by the Hazardous Substances Department and the information technology capabilities.

Visit of the Arab Civil Defense Officers to EHSIMS on 20/8/2001 to see the site of the project at EEAA in addition to presenting the EHSIMS capabilities.

A Visit of Mr. Peter Nelson, the secretary of the Swiss Embassy for the Economical Affairs and Development to EHSIMS. On 10/10/2001 A demo was presented to explain the project and phase 2.

Visit of the German KFW delegation to EHSIMS on 22/10/2001 to demonstrate its capabilities.

A visit by a delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to EHSIMS to demonstrate its capabilities as well as for further cooperation in the environmental field on the 27th and the 28th of October 2001.

A Visits by H.E the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs to EHSIMS On 10 &16 /12 /2001 for viewing the System as well as the work plan and the achievement, done by the project.

A Visit by Syrian Minister of State for Environmental Affairs to H.E the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs On 13/2/2002.

Visit of the UNEP expert Dr. J.David Thwaites to EEAA/ EHSIMS from 14/1/2002 to 17/1/2002 for cooperation between the UNEP and the EHSIMS in implementing the APELL program (Awareness and preparedness for Emergencies at the Local level) and in particular for increasing the know-how of the project team.

Organizing a workshop with the Arab delegations from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan with the participation of SDC in the period from 13/4/2002 to 15/4/2002. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the possible ways of cooperation and implementing the EHSIMS in the different Arab countries.