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Training course for 2 of the project staff for web site Design at New Horizon Training Center (during December 2001) for handing and managing the EHSIMS Web site.

. Training course for the representatives of the EEAA branches on (4/2/2002) for increasing awareness about safe handling of hazardous substances.

. Training course for one of the project staff (during February 2002) for improving the Performance of the project net work.

. Training course for the end users of EHSIMS on web-base application in EEAA on 10th of April 2002 .The course was attend by the end users from the involved Ministries and Authorities.

. Training for Civil Defense Arab Countries Representative (13/10/2002).

. Training course for Middle Eastern Regional Radioisotope Centre for The Arab Countries (14/10/2002).

. Practical Training Course for the End Users of EHSIMS for the involved ministries and authorities on EHSIMS system application and other new sub-system [Importers, Exporters and stores database] (23-25/12/2002)