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Arabic Version of Law No. 4





Article 29:
It is forbidden to displace hazardous substances and waste without a license from the competent administrative authority. The executive regulations of this Law shall determine the procedures and conditions for granting such a license and the authority competent to issue same

The ministers shall, each in his field of competence, issue in coordination with the Minister of Health and EEAA a table of the hazardous substances and waste referred to in para one of this article.

Article 30:
Management of hazardous waste shall be subject to the rules and procedures laid down in the executive regulations of this Law. The executive regulations shall designate the competent authority, which, after consulting EEAA, will issue the table of hazardous waste to which the provisions of this Law shall apply.

Article 31:
It is forbidden to construct any establishment for the treatment of hazardous waste without a license issued by the competent administrative authority after consulting the EEAA. Disposal of hazardous waste shall be in accordance with the conditions and criteria set forth in the executive regulations of this Law. The Minister of Housing shall, after consulting with the Ministries of Health and Industry and the EEAA, designate the disposal sites and determine the conditions of the license to dispose of hazardous waste.

Article 32:
It is forbidden to import hazardous waste or to allow its introduction into or its passage through Egyptian territories. It is forbidden without a permit from the competent authority to allow the passage of ships carrying hazardous waste in territorial seas or in the exclusive maritime economic zone of the ARE.

Article 33:
Those engaged in the production or circulation of hazardous materials, either in gas, liquid or solid form, are held to take all precautions to ensure that no environmental damage shall occur.

The owner of an establishment whose activities produce hazardous waste pursuant to the provisions of this Law shall be held to keep a register of such waste indicating the method of disposing thereof, and the agencies contracted with to receive the hazardous waste. The executive regulations shall determine the data to be recorded in the said register and the EEAA shall be responsible for following up the register to ensure its conformity with the facts.

The Executive Regulation of Law No.4