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Internet Resources

Note: Internet resources, in particular address details, are subject to change. This short list is provided as a starting point for a few direct resources with many links to other internet sites with chemical safety resources. Wherever possible, to hopefully provide relatively stable sources, large organisations or government agencies have been selected. However other addresses of a more specific or temporary nature may prove useful. Wherever possible in reference to other source material in the previous sections of this information resource list, (eg see databases), internet addresses have been included and may provide links or occasionally access to free material.
CHEMINFO is a list of links to chemical resources on the internet. CHEMINFO is a good starting place for any search for chemical information which is organised into subject areas including MSDS sources and guides to chemical safety or toxicology information.
A subset of CHEMINFO with a slightly different format is found at:
This is the Index to Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry (SIRCh). Also a good place to start. It is arranged alphabetically rather than by subject area.
There are many MSDS sites on the internet. This collection of links from the University of Kentucky seems well maintained and gives good background material for the MSDS beginner.
For those interested in chemical identification Cambridge Soft provide a useful search tool online, Chem Finder. The company also provides ChemDraw, a useful structural drawing program.
NIOSH, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the USA maintains a series of links and some databases for chemical safety information searching. This is a good site to catch up on conferences and current topics of worker safety in general in the United States.
The International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs), a product of IPCS, are a series of records of chemicals, alphabetically arranged, listing their properties and hazard information.
The Hardin Meta Directory - Toxicology is one of the best sites for toxicology resources. It is short, quick to load and refers to excellent toxicology sites.
RTK NET, or the Right To Know network, provides free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development. This reference is the often not directly related to chemical safety but if your interests are environmental with respect to chemicals, it should prove useful.