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  The National Profile for the Management of Chemicals in Egypt - April 2002           




Table of Contents


Introduction to the National Profile


Chapter 1: National Background Information


Chapter 2: Chemical Production, Import, Export and Use


Chapter 3: Priority Concerns Related to Chemical Production, Import, Export and Use


Chapter 4: Legal Instruments and Non-Regulatory Mechanisms for Managing Chemicals


Table 4-B and Table 4-C (Page 44 & 45 of Chapter 4)


Chapter 5: Ministries, Agencies and Other Institutions Managing Chemicals

Chapter 6: Relevant Activities of Industry, Public Interest Groups and the Research Sector

Chapter 7: Inter-ministerial Commissions and Coordinating Mechanisms


Chapter 8: Data Access and Use


Chapter 9: Technical Infrastructure


Chapter 10: International Linkages


Chapter 11: Awareness/Understanding of Workers and the Public


Annex 1: Abbreviations


Annex 2: List of banned Chemicals

An Executive Summary



  Link to the National Chemical Profile of Egypt - May 2004
(Third Edition)