WHO recommended insecticides for treatment of mosquito nets for malaria vector control

Alpha-cypermethrin SC 10% 20-40
Cyfluthrin EW 5% 50
Deltamethrin SC 1% and WT 25% 15-25
Etofenprox EW 10% 200
Lambda-cyhalothrin CS 2.5% 10-15
Permethrin EC 10% 200-500

1 EC = emulsifiable concentrate; EW = emulsion, oil in water; CS = capsule suspension; SC= suspension concentrate; WT = water dispersible tablet.

2 Milligrams of active ingredient per square metre of netting.

Note: WHO Specifications for public health pesticides, for quality control and international trade, are available on the WHO homepage on the Internet at http://www.who.int/whopes/en/.